Ultraviolets.net was developed to show case a subtle source of electronica music which cannot be seen, but only heard. The physical appearance of the source only appears under ultraviolet black lights to the human eye.

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Ultraviolet means beyond the color violet which is the color of the highest frequency of light that we can see.  Ultraviolet light (UV Rays) are an energy form  called electromagnetic radiation that travels through space and from our sun.  We cannot always see it because it has a wavelength shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays.  Sometimes it can be seen by children, young adults, birds and insects, but to the average person it goes unnoticed.  A suntan or sunburn are the results of over-exposure to this light contained in the sunshine, but it is also the light that creates vitamin D in our bodies.  Ultraviolet light bulbs can be used for a glowing effect (black lights) or for use as a sanitizer (germicidal lights).  Ultraviolet light is also used in tanning booths, stadium lighting, laser lights and halogen, fluorescent and incandescent lights.

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Ultraviolets are not just a scientific, photographic or tattoo process used in the study or use of light, but the name ultraviolet has been used by writers, film makers, television producers, muscians, artists, fashion designers and others to identify themselves.  Names of films, albums, soundtracks, bands, restuarants, digital libraries, advocacy groups, therapies and scientific findings all bear the name ultraviolet thereby becoming ultraviolets.

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